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The technology being implemented into vehicles nowadays pose major challenges for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers who are catering to the automotive industry worldwide. In this regard, electronics and vehicle lighting are substantially changing how vehicles are designed, built, and ultimately driven.

As an Electronics Manufacturer, at P4Q we provide End-to-End solutions to Tier 1 Automotive customers. Electronics Manufacturing Services from Design to Serial Production relating to "Body and Comfort Electronics”. This includes Exterior and Interior Lighting and Optics, Electronics Integration, Mechatronics, Sensor Solutions and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) .

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy 

At P4Q we specialize in customized electronic solutions for the Solar Industry both for photovoltaic installations and concentrating technology.

Global Leaders in Solar Tracker Controllers, we have created the Brand Suntrack. Our Cloud-based Monitoring enables our customers to control Solar Panel Fields remotely and in real time, worldwide.

For more information on our Next Generation Advanced Self-Powered Tracker Controllers:

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Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) 

Based on our extensive experience of 20 years as an electronics manufacturer, at P4Q we offer comprehensive subcontracting solutions ("Contract Manufacturer"), teaming up and working together with our customers throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

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